During the summer, a socio economic crisis hits Buenos Aires. Bego (11) navigates the challenges of these uncertain times. Her parents are in between jobs and taking second jobs to make ends meet, so they send Bego to a public summer day camp, where she’s confronted by the economic inequalities between herself and her peers. She doesn't like it there, so her cousin Male, tells her that she can switch realities by shifting, a viral technique on TikTok. However, when everyone around her faints and falls ill, she begins to realize that things might be more complicated than just an internet trend.


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Lucila’s filmography:

- Wekwaindu (BFI’s Future Film Festival, 2018).
- Resonancias (IFFR, New Directors/New Films, BAFICI, 2019).
- Luna que se quiebra sobre la tiniebla de mi soledad (Locarno, Mar del Plata, 2022).
- Magopelusa_1028 (in distribution, 2023).

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Lucila Mariani

paulazyn@gmail.com / leandro.listorti@gmail.com


THE DAYS OFF a film by LUCILA MARIANI - Produced by MARAVILLACINE - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2023.